Kurt Cobain: Vocals, Lead Guitar
Krist Novoselic: Bass Guitar
Dave Grohl: Drums, Backup vocals

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ssmb20's Matchbox 20 Page
If you have great taste in music, check this page out. (what i meant was, check out the cute drummer) YEAH BABY!!!!
Are you prepared to laugh ferociously?
Well, the title says it all. So, be prepared.
Paul Doucette Site
Oh man, this guy is SO cute. You gotta visit this page. He has the cutest glasses and the cutest smile. Oh, and his hair, I love his hair. And to top it all off, he's a DRUMMER. WoooHoooo!!!!
The Official Radiohead Site
For those of you who are very impatient and get pissed off easily, I suggest you try one of the other links.
ToAd's WoRlD
Check this page out for guitar tabs and chords from other bands. Also, if you wanna listen to some great sound files, go here 'cause you ain't gonna find any on my page.
People, I have no idea what this survey is for. I was bored. But since it's here and you're here reading this, then you might as well take it, right? Amuse me.
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You can give me the URL's to your pages here. Just add the link!!!!

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